MEEPME at Blarney

Aside from some technical glitches and miscommunication, tonight went pretty well for MEEPME.  Almost a hundred people signed up, and everyone seemed to have a fun time playing around with it.  We got to demo our new AJAXified text feed, and other than a screensaver problem and a video cable problem, it worked great all night.  We could even update the page in real time since the AJAX reloaded the contents every .5 seconds.  I have no idea how much load this was actually putting on the server, but hopefully this should hold together until the next major revision.  The first priority is now to finish the admin backend.

2 thoughts on “MEEPME at Blarney

  1. was at the meep event yesterday. A few of my friends were discussing a rather lage issue with with the system. what is there to prevent some prankster from meeping some one and then telling them someone else’s number

  2. Thanks for coming out! One feature we added is that all legitimate messages are prefixed by “*MEEP ALERT*”. If a message does not have this, then it is probably fake. There is also code to prevent anyone from impersonating a MEEPME alert to prevent people from faking messages.

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