PennApps in Summary

Wow, what a trip.  When Matt contacted me a week before the competition to ask if I had a team yet, I had no idea we would get this far.


  • Thursday, before competition – Meet up with Matt, go over idea, get introduced to Twilio API
  • Friday, 6pm – Watch intros, get theme, meet the team (Fred and Vincent), then leave to go DJ
  • Saturday, 10am – arrive to start coding, hungover.
  • Saturday, 1pm – basic ideas and framework fleshed out
  • Saturday, 10pm – so many bugs!
  • Saturday, midnight – start website component
  • Sunday, 4am – mostly done, still fixing bugs
  • Sunday, 10am – nap on hammock
  • Sunday, noon – demo to judges individually
  • Sunday, 2pm – demo for 2.5 minutes in front of audience
  • Sunday, 4pm – MEEPME announced as Grand Prize winner!
  • Monday, 4pm – start social media blitz for Student Choice Award
  • Following Monday, 12:15am – MEEPME wins Student Choice Award!

Next stop: Wharton Business Plan Competition and Philly Startup Weekend!



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