Wharton Politics and Business Association

As the VP of Technology for the Wharton Politics and Business Association, one of my main duties was maintaining the website. However, the website at the time was a couple years old, and relied on Dreamweaver templates and local editing to maintain.  In addition, there was no uniform look and feel to all of the pages.  To remedy this, I worked with WordPress to create a site that makes maintenance a snap.  Additionally, this contributes to club sustainability, as the next VP of Technology will have no problems updating the site. Improvements include:

  • Online WYSIWYG editor
  • Event calendar with sidebar listing upcoming events
  • Site-wide search
  • Twitter updates in the sidebar
  • Prominent display of newsletter signup
  • Audience-focused navigational layout
  • Image Gallery
  • Streaming video
  • Facebook Connect integration for commenting and sharing
  • Multiple simultaneous blogs for the Publications Committee
  • Dynamic feedback forms