Verizon Smartphones – August 2010

I’ve been looking into new smartphones for the past couple months, as Verizon has generously given me the opportunity to extend my contract another two years in exchange for a rebate off a new phone. I’ve been using my BlackBerry Tour for almost a year now, but the latest batch of phones are proving very irresistible.
The BlackBerry Bold 9650, aka Tour +20, isn’t much of an upgrade. Sure, they doubled the memory and changed the scroller for a touchpad, but other than that the phones are pretty similar. One saving grace is the possibility of OS 6 on the Bold, which could be enough to sway me. One of my top priorities in a phone is the keyboard, and the hardware keyboard seems to be dying off in most areas. The Droid and Droid 2 have a keyboard, but its awkward to use. The keyboard slides out from the side, and you have to hold the phone sideways to use it. I’d rather have the compactness and simplicity of the BlackBerry keyboard. Plus, you can use it one-handed and the keys are raised.

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